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how do we work together?

Coaching is a valuable tool for learning tailored to your specific work requirements. A typical outcome for a client is an increase in self-awareness and greater choice over future actions, as well as improved understanding of others they work with.

Coaching can help you or one of your employees in a variety of situations. Some examples could be a desire to:

Improve communication skills and influence
Embed learning from a recent training course
Utilise strengths and interests to the best effect
Have a confidential ongoing ‘sounding board’ to test out thinking and approaches to managing forthcoming situations

What does coaching involve?

1. Initial analysis
The initial stage is to explore and agree the needs, timescale and measures of success. I ensure that everyone directly involved has a mutual understanding of what we can expect from each other and the coaching process.

It may be helpful to share with me background information that is appropriate to the coaching outcomes e.g. CV, job description, recent appraisal or 360 feedback, and current work objectives.

As confidentiality is important in maintaining an effective coaching relationship, we need to agree how the company sponsor is to be kept informed of the process (e.g. date of next meeting) while maintaining confidentiality regarding the content of coaching discussions.

2. Coaching
We then progress through an agreed number of sessions/hours of coaching. Coaching sessions are typically 2-3 hours each, face-to-face, and held at your site in a private meeting room (possibly supported by ongoing telephone contact). It is not always easy to determine how many sessions will be needed but many people achieve their outcomes in 5 or 6 meetings (could be more or less).

It can often be valuable to establish some of your personal profiles in the early stages of the coaching programme. These include Myers-Briggs (MBTI), values, strengths and interests inventory, and life balance.

My overall approach is to enable you, the client, to find your own solution to achieve the agreed outcomes. I will act as a catalyst to facilitate, challenge and support you in this. The format of any given session will be adapted accordingly, and also take into account your progress and current priorities.

3. Evaluation and follow up
This is both an ongoing process as well as a review at the end of the agreed number of coaching sessions. We identify learnings and whether you are achieving the anticipated gains from the programme. It is also possible that we will be celebrating a few additional achievements too.

If you would like to explore how I can assist you or one of your employees in developing effective behaviours and enhancing performance, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives


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