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how do we work together?

No two organisations or departments are the same. Before starting an assignment, I review with you in outline your current situation, the drivers for change, and what it is that you want to achieve. People Solutions’ involvement can be tailored to your particular need at each stage, to meet your time commitments, budget and internal capability to deliver the desired result.

Our journey together then has a number of stages:

1. Analysis
2. Planning
3. Implementation and facilitation
4. Follow up

Throughout the programme I work with you to ensure that we are gaining the commitment and engagement of everyone affected. It sounds simple but how do we do it? Depending on the size of your operation, we start as we mean to go on, involving as many people as possible right from the beginning.

1. Analysis
We look in detail at both your desired outcomes and current situation. Only after this initial analysis can we identify the gaps between what is happening now and where you want to get to. Often there will be more than one way to get there and we will consider the implications of each option for your organisation.

2. Planning to get from A to B
Planning incorporates project methodology as well as key cultural elements, to ensure that the desired results are embedded into your organisation. Typically there will be technical and cultural activity streams which need synchronising.

To give an example, a technical activity stream might be the equipment and mechanical aspects of a new system or process. Running in parallel will be the cultural elements e.g. two-way communication, addressing the concerns and needs of those involved, helping people to develop and change their own minds and behaviours as necessary, and ensuring the ongoing engagement of everyone.

3. Implementing and facilitating the change
It is important that you and your people own the changes you want to make. My approach is to involve stakeholders – to work out things for themselves. In the same way that effective sales people want prospective customers to vocalise their objections, I welcome learning from your people about what matters to them and their areas of concern and resistance. Only by listening and addressing these issues can we move on, minimising wasted time and disruption for everyone.

I help you to manage the two-way communication process throughout the programme. I also ensure that blockages are dealt with, and that all associated systems and processes are in alignment with achieving the project goals.

4. Following up
On an ongoing basis we monitor progress against identified success measures and ensure that desired results are established as the new norm. People Solutions is happy to provide ongoing support to key individuals within your organisation. It usually takes practice and time for people to feel comfortable with their new way of operating.

If you really want and need change to happen, you need the commitment and involvement of your people at all levels to make it a success. Do you have the internal expertise, capability and sufficient resource to achieve this while still running your day-to-day business? Is it too important to risk going wrong or not happening effectively?

If you would like to explore how People Solutions can help you to achieve your desired goals, please contact me now for a risk-free initial meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men together to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them how to yearn for the vast and endless sea


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